Friday, February 3, 2012

Why I Fight

Why-I-Fight Fridays -- A glimpse into what's keeping me fighting this fight.

What keeps you fighting? Leave a comment or a link to your blog.

Solidarity, baby!

 * * * * * * *

Because 70 degrees in January is just wrong.


  1. Betsy, I love it when people find a cause they care about it and go after it with all their heart. It is inspiring. Good luck with your work.

    And we have been having very strange weather round these parts, too. While I enjoy warm weather in February, it just feels wrong. Wrong!

  2. we are in florida and the weather has been beautiful - but there has been no winter and yesterday we actually turned our ac on upstairs because it got so hot. keep up the good work!

  3. Oh I know..this year we've had unusually cold temperatures in Mumbai...Continue to fight the fight!
    My Moment

  4. Thanks, friends! It IS hard to criticize beautiful weather when the alternative is losing our minds with the grey and cold. LOL. I'm really afraid for the bug situation this summer. Ticks and skeeters are gonna be wicked!


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