Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Counting Down

This time of year brings about a lot of "day counting" in my home, as I'm sure it does in many other homes. In anticipation of Christmas, every day my kids check their advent calendars and count off squares on the wall calendar. Their enthusiasm is contagious and it's sweet to see how intensely they wish they could speed up time to just get there already!

I will be feeling that angst along side them this year. Acutely.

Apparently, in two weeks ODEC will decide whether or not to reapply to the Town of Dendron for the coal plant (read about the history of that HERE) or whether or not to scrap the entire project altogether.

Scrap the entire project altogether.

Done. Gone. Finito.

The day I have dreamed about for how many years now?

And we have to wait two weeks to find out?!


Only fourteen more days.

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