Wednesday, August 24, 2011

(Not So) Disguised Blessings

While the coal plant proposal has brought its fair share of strife, trauma, and general badness there have been some positives.

Not the least of which have been meeting and developing friendships with some of the most amazing people.

The other night we were lucky enough to have a few of them over for dinner.

A few who have become much more like family than just acquaintances or friends.

A few who have:

Spent hours playing with our children,

shared countless meals with our family,

educated us on activism and a host of other issues,

and been some of the most supportive and helpful allies my community and I have seen.

I mean, really, had it not been for the coal plant would I have ever met someone like Becks Kolins? An amazing young person who just spent two weeks 80 ft. up in tree on a mountain top removal coal mining site?

Nope. Probably not.

So as I sat in my dining room--with one little boy asleep on my lap and the other one asking Becks about the first-hand experiences of living in a tree to fight for a cause you believe in--I had to think, "This coal plant's been a real blessing."


  1. That night was incredible. As always, I left feeling totally refueled and re-centered. Talking with you almost always makes me feel that way. :)

    Thanks for having us! <3

  2. Love talking with you, too! So grateful for y'all!


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